Darcy Whiteside started playing banjo at the age of eight. In his teens he was fortunate to have Canadian banjo champion Jake Peters move to his hometown. 

Since then he has played banjo across Canada with Maple Creek bluegrass band, then with The Bix Mix Boys. He has taught banjo, guitar and vocals in various workshops. Every Wednesday he teaches a Bluegrass 101 course for the Northern Bluegrass Music Circle Society. The course focuses on one song for an hour, covering harmonies, instrumentation and other intracacies that make the song interesting and bluegrass. 

Darcy Whiteside also hosts the Bluegrass Hour on CKUA and Prairie Pickin' on CJSR.

Kathleen is an active member of Vancouver's thriving bluegrass and

folk scene,  performing and touring regularly with her band Viper Central

with whom she has recorded four albums. She has also toured with  Vancouver bands, Petunia and The Vipers, The Fugitives and CR Avery and has made guest appearances with  Fred Eaglesmith, The Belle Game, and The Vicious Cycles to name a few. She  works regularly as a studio musician and has numerous studio recording credits.  She is a teacher at Saint James Music Academy where downtown eastside kids are provided free music lessons. Classically trained, She returned to her métis roots, pursuing more traditional fiddle music. Since then she has worked with artists in a variety of genres.  A collaborator and regular accompanist with V’ni Dansi Metis traditional dance, she also has composed music for independant modern dance and theatre.

Keith Yoder

Ben Rogalsky is a Vancouver BC-based composer and multi-

instrumentalist who comes from a diverse musical background,

performing and studying music in North America, Central America,

Southeast Asia, Europe and Japan. With acclaimed Canadian roots band The Breakmen, he released three albums, toured extensively throughout Canada and in the USA, and with them was nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards and won an Independent Music Award. He composed for and toured with Uzume Taiko and Gamelan Madu Sari, has taught Indonesian gamelan music at Simon Fraser University, writes music for dance and theatre, and has been nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award for his original music. He is a lead conspirator in the Vancouver collective the East Van Country Band, and has an ongoing country duet project with singer-songwriter Marin Patenaude. He is also a sound engineer and performance designer (lighting, sound, projection), and is the Technical Director at SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

 Ben brings a range of experience teaching at music camps, including Nimblefingers (BC) and Camp He Ho Ha (AB), as well as private instruction. He is passionate about learning, and truly enjoys working with musicians of all experience levels. He thrives on collaboration and group energy, the thrill of ensemble musicianship and supporting each other, the magic of creating a whole that ends up greater than the sum of its parts. Ben is looking forward to seeing new friends and old and spending a week making music together. 

Ben Rogalsky

Kathleen Nisbet

Steve Roy is a multi-instrumentalist fron Eliot, Maine. 

Most well known as an upright bass player, he also teaches

and plays mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and ukulele.  As an upright

bass player, he has toured internationally with a myriad of bluegrass' top acts, including Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum, Molly Tuttle Band, Joe K. Walsh Band, Matt Flinner Trio, Hit and Run Bluegrass, Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen, Joy Kills Sorrow, John Reischman, Darol Anger, and many others.  Steve performs locally around New England as the front man of the avant-garde jazz group Jazzputin and the Jug Skunks, and also performs regularly with Erica Brown and the Bluegrass Connection, David Surette, and many others.   Steve is a faculty member at 317 Main Community Music Center in Yarmouth, Maine and also at Portsmouth Music and Arts Center in Portsmouth, NH, teaching bass, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, ukulele and ensembles.  Steve has taught at many music camps throughout the USA and Canada, including Nimblefingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshop (BC), Kaufman Kamp (TN), Camp He Ho Ha (AB), The Woodshed (YT), and many others.  Steve is also an archaeologist with field experience in New England and Central America.


Keith Yoder has been teaching full-time since 1994 on guitar,

banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, and resophonic guitar.  In addition to private and group lessons he also teaches  via the internet.

Keith has taught at the following music camps:
Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp                                   108 Cabin Fever Bluegrass Workshop         

Keith Yoder’s Bluegrass Jam Camp                                Nimblefingers
Merlefest Jam Camp – NC                                           Walker Creek Music Camp – CA
Colorado Roots Music Camp                                         Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp – TN
Swan Valley Jam Camp – ID                                         Acoustic Music Camp – TX
Riverfolk Jam Camp – MI                                             Strawberry Jam Camp – IA
Kalona Jam Camp – IA                                                SEMBA Jam Camp – MN
Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy – TN                          Great Northern Bluegrass Jam Camp - IL

Keith specializes in getting everyone involved  learning in an interactive  way regardless of their skill level.  Students should expect to play a lot and have a great time learning how to apply new skills on the spot. 

 In addition to teaching, Keith has been performing over 35 years at numerous festivals and events across the U.S. and Canada.

Penny Malmberg is a story telling, singing, songwriting people

person with a contagious zest for life. She grew up in the eastern

townships of Quebec and moved to Alberta in 1979. While she
started playing guitar at the age of 13, it wasn’t until her early 40’s and her kids were grown that she dusted off her guitar and started writing songs. She and her husband Jim formed the string band  Back Porch Swing in 2003 and have spent the last 14 years touring western Canada playing bluegrass, swing, folk, and songs they penned in a style of their own they call “Cowjazz”. When not busy writing songs, singing lead and harmony parts, playing rhythm guitar, fronting the band, and being head fashionista, you just might run into her at your local thrift store while she’s out on the road.

Mountain Fever  2018

Anne Louise Genest, who often performs under the stage

name Annie Lou, is an artist who walks with the spirit of an old storyteller, creating folk songs steeped in the flavours of oldtime, mountain, and traditional country and bluegrass music. She has spent years chronicling the rural lifepaths of Canada, writing songs to tell the tales of the hard-hit, hard-won victories of these everymen and women.

Genest writes songs that have a way of breaking the heart, and in the same breath puts it back together again. Beautifully creative songs and tunes range from rousing and boisterous to gentle and poignant, and map a homescape of hard-drinking grandmas, rural dancehalls, blue collar fashions, small towns, big cities. All delivered with a vocal warmth evocative of the sweet tones of Kate and Anna McGarrigle blended with the raw emotion of Hazel Dickens.

A Juno and multiple WCMA nominee, Genest is also committed to sharing the joy of music through teaching in both individual and group settings. She has taught at Nimblefingers Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Workshop, the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Camp, Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop, and at the Big Swig Banjo Camp, and has a private teaching practise at her home in Parksville, BC.

Jodi Harbin

Darcy Whiteside

Steve Roy

Growing up in southern Alberta, Jim was raised on a wide

variety of music. His mother favoured classical music while

his father enjoyed the stylings of The Sons of The Pioneers. It wasn’t until he heard Doc Watson while in medical school that he became passionate about music; doctor by day and musician by night. A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Jim has focussed on guitar and mandolin playing bluegrass, old-time music, and early 20th century swing. Since 2003, he and his wife and musical partner Penny have led the string band Back Porch Swing playing extensively around western Canada. Jim has taught music camps for the Northern Bluegrass Circle Music Society at Camp HeHoHa, and for the Northern Lights Bluegrass and Old Tyme Music Camp in Saskatchewan. He has also presented workshops at Blueberry Bluegrass, Shady Grove Bluegrass, Peace Country Bluegrass, and Robson Valley Music Festivals.

Jim Malmberg

Jodi Harbin is a career musician who teaches mandolin, guitar,

banjo and bass. She was the founder of the Colorado bluegrass band,

Lonesome Traveler, and has continued her involvement in the bluegrass community after moving to the Knoxville area. She now performs with several groups including The Savage Hearts, and with her husband Tim Harbin.

Working with Steve Kaufman at his camp every summer has exposed her to a wide range of teachers and teaching materials on all the bluegrass instruments.

In addition to leading workshops and teaching camps, she maintains a private lesson studio with 40 students weekly.

Tracy Lynn


Anne Louise Genest

Interested in being a future leader at Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp?

Drop us a line at instructors@mountainfeverbluegrasscamp.ca

We have the most amazing leaders for Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp! 

Tracy Lynn is singer, songwriter and musician.  Tracy has an active engagement schedule performing as a solo artist, as well as with the SAVAGE HEARTS!  Tracy Lynn & Annie Savage recently released a duo gospel album TWO COATS, premiering its release at IBMA this past September in North Carolina.

Having her hand in music for nearly 50 years and with a background steeped in old country, Carter Family style music or whatever the ‘album of the month’ was when it arrived in the mail, Tracy brings a versatile and inclusive approach to her music.

Upon returning to her hometown on Vancouver Island in 2015, Tracy opened Sound Waves Lesson Studio. At the studio Tracy teaches a variety of music lessons. Whether in a private session, group classes, beginner or intermediate jam class, Tracy is passionate in her goal to ‘get people playing music together!’  With a student base ranging  from ages 3.5 - 78 years old, Tracy clearly has the ability to bring players together, create a comfortable learning environment and develop relationships that support the making of a good jam!

In addition to keeping up with her own students, Tracy can be found teaching and facilitating groups at music camps, special events and wherever an opportunity to support rising musicians presents itself.

Penny Malmberg