February 20, 2017

Greetings fellow campers!

There is often something exciting about New Year’s Party, birthday party, or a potluck with friends. Not just the fact that there may be funny hats to wear, cake and/or pie and ice cream to eat, or a good laugh, but rather the coming together of people you know for a common purpose.

Let’s add Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp onto the list!

April 5 is a short time away, especially for a pie lover. We are excited to host such a unique event; a music camp for musicians that emphasizes playing music with …other musicians. Welcome to the world of jamming! We are also delighted to have such talented class leaders that specialize in facilitating this jamming experience. The setting at the Flying U Ranch will just add to the jam camp experience. 

Of course, we also look forward to your participation and contribution. What? Contribution? Let me briefly explain.

Jamming is based on the guiding principles that musicians come together to:

  1. Have fun;
  2. Contribute to the music being played in a positive way;
  3. Learn something new; and
  4. Have fun.

That contribution part covers a lot of ground, some of which you may or may not be familiar with. Over the next few weeks I will write some notes to help you get ready for camp, bring your instrument out of its case, and help you prepared for your contribution in a jam.

I am also available to answer any questions you may have regarding the camp experience, your instrument, or your expectations. Please feel free to contact me anytime at participants@mountainfeverbluegrasscamp.ca.

Lastly, you should know that Dennis, Tanya, and I are very excited to meet you! For some it will be the first time and for some it’s not the second time. We don’t have to break out the funny hats right away but I’m always ready for a good pie.


***Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp is a four-day workshop at a historic ranch in the South Cariboo region of BC.  This camp is for people with all levels of musical experience coming together to create acoustic bluegrass music! The focus is learning through mentorship and instruction to enable musicians to play with other musicians!  This will provide an opportunity to contribute to creating music together in a positive, encouraging setting. There will be many opportunities to learn, share, and create music together with longtime friends and with brand new friends too!

Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp Blog

February 28, 2017

Greetings fellow jammers!

I was reminded this week that we are not all successful lottery winners,… no matter how hard we try. For those of you that are looking for a winner this week, I do have $100 tip for you that could just be the combination you are looking for as you prepare for Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp.  

Even for the seasoned jammer and musician, there are 3 expectations that all jammers should be aware of and have a good understanding of prior to arriving at jam camp. You can just feel the $$ flowing your way… These universal expectations are as follows:

#1: Know the names of the strings of the instrument(s) you are bringing to camp.  Easy money so far, right?

#2: Know how to use your tuner to tune the strings of the instrument(s) you are bringing to camp. You will find expectation #1 particularly helpful at this stage. Oh, I should also mention that if Murphy and his law have anything to say about it, the first week of April will be the week that the batteries on your tuner will finally die after 2 years of loyal service. That’s a freebie-honourable-mention-tip, nothing extra for that. So far, so good? So, what are we at… $66.66?

#3: Know how to use the volume control on the instrument(s) you are bringing to camp. You can’t miss the volume knob. It will look something like this:

If, by chance, you are having trouble locating this volume knob, fear not. You are in luck. You can still get the big bucks by challenging yourself to produce variable volumes from your instrument(s) when playing a song. For instance, if a song is being played in a pre-camp practice jam or when you are at home by yourself and you are taking a lead break and picking or bowing the melody of the song, play it loud and proud. For all other times during the song, your challenge is to see if you can play your instrument at 50% of that lead break volume. We play how we practice so if we are going to jam camp to play with other musicians, we will be able to contribute in a more positive way if we are able to produce variable volumes from our instrument(s) when playing a song.

Probably the easiest money you have ever made!

You should know that Dennis, Tanya, and I are so looking forward to sitting down with everyone over the course of the camp to share stories, have a laugh, jam to some sweet songs, and create some memorable music with everyone.