Mark your calendars...

April 11-15, 2018

Jam band - learn new tunes/songs, play with new friends, and perform them together in the evenings!

Presentation style, optional sessions

variety of topics, offered daily,

led by someone new each day!

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Limited spaces, hands-on sessions based on instrument and level of playing ability.

Afternoon Workshops

Jam Classes

This intimate camp offers amazing opportunities to learn and share bluegrass music!  

Mountain Fever Bluegrass Camp is a four-day workshop at a historic ranch in the South Cariboo region of BC.  This camp is for people with all levels of musical experience coming together to create acoustic bluegrass music! 

The focus is learning through mentorship and instruction to enable musicians to play with other musicians!  This will provide an opportunity to contribute to creating music together in a positive, encouraging setting. There will be many opportunities to learn, share, and create music together with long time friends and with brand new friends too! The result will be working up new and old songs to sing and perform them all while having fun!

Special Events

Instrument Intensive Classes

This intimate camp is limited to 60 participants. Six participants and one instructor/leader in each jam class with a variety of instruments and playing abilities (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

About Mountain Fever

Evening student concerts, band scrambles, learn-a-tune sessions, evening jams,
morning jams, and lots of free time!

Lots of fun for everyone!

Small groups! Only 60 spots available!